Immersive VR combined with a patented haptics feedback system and real equipment provides a unique emergency services training experience


FLAIM Trainer™ provides firefighters the capacity to train situations and scenarios that are:

  • Inherently unsafe and difficult to reproduce.

  • No longer possible due to environmental, community and regulatory constraints.

  • Incur significant training cost in time, people and assets.

HTC Vive virtual reality immersive headset
Branch features haptic feedback and tracking in virtual space
Force feedback supplied through hose to simulate water force
Inbuilt heat units increase heat within jacket when facing the virtual fire


FLAIM Trainer™ places firefighters in the most realistic training scenario available by utilising several customised elements:

  • Head Mounted Display: breathing apparatus kit incorporates a head mounted VR display

  • Branch Nozzle: hose-line system and encapsulating hose and branch/nozzle

  • Protective Clothing: Personal protective clothing with heat generation components


FLAIM Trainer™ uses industry standard equipment to train with real world systems in the virtual environment.

  • Branch Nozzle: varying branches can be customised with our patented haptic feedback

  • Protective Clothing: Personal protective clothing with heat generation components


FLAIM Trainer™ was designed and developed by volunteer firefighter Assoc Professor James Mullins within the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation (IISRI) at Deakin University.

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